About Little Acorns

Professional Childminding in Calne

Little Acorns formed in 2005 as a support group for childminders in the area to meet on a regular basis, providing activities for the children being looked after and also to offer advice to each other.

The group has since expanded to meeting on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month where all of the children in the care of the childminders get a chance to have a morning of group-based fun and activities.

Little Acorns is a non-profit making organisation. The group is run by a team of committee members who act on behalf of the group and discuss and plans before making any actions. All members pay a small fee which goes towards running the weekly events and local advertising. All other monies and goods are received through donations from members of the public and local businesses plus commission from sales of selected goods. Once expenses are accounted for, all monies are put back into the group to improve the services and equipment on offer to the children who are being cared for by our members.

If you would like more information about Little Acorns Childminding Group, please contact Jacqui Wenban using contact@littleacornscalne.co.uk