A Typical Session

We meet on Thursday at the Churchil Village Hall, each session is charged at £8 per month, per childminder and includes all advertisment costs

9.30am Session Starts

The first part of the session is more structures with different activities going on. Each weeks the activates change slightly. All childminders are expected to help out and take their turn in being in charge of an activity.

Craft Table

We have a table set up for the children to make something. We have done, junk modelling, made paper plate portraits, decorated cakes and biscuits, make Christmas decorations, collage pictures and gluing and sticking.

Table Top Activities

We put out a selection of puzzles, building blocks and treading activities for the children, sometimes there are colouring sheets, paper and pencils.

Baby Area

We have an area with general baby toys for the children to play with, there are bean bags and bouncer chairs to sit on, with blankets on the floor. The toys include a wide range of baby toys such rattles, shape sorters, teethers, cars and lorries. There are always a selection of books for the children to look at or share with adults.

10.15am Snack

The children all sit on a large rug together and have a snack and a drink, the adults have coffee/tea and biscuits.

10.30am Free Play

The children are able to choose from a range of larger toys. There are bikes and ride-ons. There are tents and tunnels to go through. We have balls and bean bags. There are role play activities such as the kitchen, ironing board and dressing table. This time gives the childminders a chance to chat and discuss childminding issues, which is very important to us.

11:00am Story Time

At the end of the session we all come together for a quiet story, read by one of the childminders. The children all sit in a circle on the floor to listen.

11:05am Music Time

We end the session with some music and movement. The children all have the chance to play a percussion instrument whilst listening and joining in with well known children’s songs and nursery rhymes.

The session finishes at 11.30am.