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Professional Childminding in Calne

Little Acorns is group of OFSTED-registered childminders based in and around the Calne area of Wiltshire covering locations such as Calne, Derry Hill, Compton Bassett, Hilmarton and Lyneham. Our members provide high-quality, professional childcare to babies, pre-school children and after-school children as a widely-used and practical alternative to nursery or pre-school childcare.

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Visit our Parents Area

This is the area where parents should look for information on choosing a childminder including some of the questions they may wish to ask any prospective childminder(s) when considering putting their child into childcare as well as some of the questions that a childminder may ask you regarding the child. Parents can also find information on the costs of childcare and as well how some childminders participate in Nursery Vouchers Schemes helping to offset childcare costs against a parent's salary (and get tax benefits!)

Visit our Childminders Area

For childminders who are already members of Little Acorns, or those who may be considering joining the group, this section of the site gives information on the group's current activities such as the weekly meetings.

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