Choosing a childminder

Professional Childminding in Calne

How do I make a choice?

It is important to visit a number of childminders before deciding who will best suit your child's needs. You should also take your child to the childminders house to make sure they feel safe and secure there, as well as seeing what facilities they can offer your child.

A childminder will expect you to ask questions which might include:

  • What experience and/or training do you have?
  • What activities will you provide for my child?
  • Will you take my child shopping, to the park, toddler groups?
  • How will you encourage good behaviour and deal with any problems?
  • What are the ages of other children in your care?
  • Do you have pets?
  • What are the arrangements for travelling and child safety?
  • Will you take/collect my child from pre-school/nursery/school?

Childminding is a business and many childminders will have files of documentation that you can browse through, such as their registration certificate, training certificates and other relevant information. They may also have a leaflet or booklet you can take away with you to look through before you make any final decisions. Some may also have built up a portfolio of work they have done with children in their care past and present.

Most of all you must feel happy with the choice you are making - after all they are looking after your child.

What will I need to tell the childminder?

Amongst any other information you tell your eventual choice of childminder, you must provide them with the following information:

  • How to contact you (and your partner)
  • An emergency contact telephone number
  • Details of your child's G.P. and Health Visitor
  • A record of his/her immunisations and illnesses
  • Any special requirements/routine your child may have.